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I've got many little tips and tricks for you that I use when baking and cooking.

I would love it if you added any of your little 'secrets'! Please add a comment below or you are welcome to email me at and I will regularly update this page with all your wonderful ideas and advice!

When a recipe calls for buttermilk
Make your own! Make a cup of butter milk by putting one cup of milk into a glass bowl and then add a tablespoon of white vinegar or lemon juice, let this stand for ten minutes at room temperature. You now have buttermilk!

Want to poach a perfect egg
Add white vinegar to the simmering water! I also stir the water till you have it spinning around nicely then pour the egg in. However, my partner doesn't do the spinning water technique and his are still good.

You have left over fresh herbs
Freeze them! They will still be good to add to dishes!

If you don't use parmasen cheese often
Freeze it, I buy a block of parmasen cheese, grate it, then put it in the freezer so its always on hand when needed...and freeze fresh ginger, when it is required in your recipe, just grate it into your meal.

How to find a good recipe from the internet
When I'm looking for a recipe from the internet, I want to know its going to taste good, so I always write into the search engine "best recipe for" chocolate cake (for example). Then I will read the top reviews and make the suggested changes. Whatever you are cooking or baking should turn out amazing!

How to be organised for an event
 I always freeze my baking such as cakes and slices for birthday parties, coffee groups etc. This means I can make them weeks ahead of the time and its still delicious on the day.

Wet baking paper
I saw this technique on one of Jamie Oliver's show, for example when you are making brownie, put the required amount of baking paper under running water, get it completely wet, then shake it out, put it into your slice container/tin and pour the mixture on top and push out to the sides. No butter needed.

Burnt pots and pans
Clean with vinegar and baking soda. Add one cup of water and one cup of vinegar to the burnt pot, bring it to the boil, some of the burnt on residue will start breaking off and rising to the top, I usually let it boil for about 5 minutes. Then take it off the heat and add three tablespoons of baking soda. Let it sit for a few minutes. Tip the mixture down the drain and then wash the pot/pan how you normally would with dishwashing liquid and a brush or cloth. Sometimes I still need to get my steelo out; but this technique has saved me time, effort, and many of our pots and pans!

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