9th - 15th November 2015

Hi all! Welcome to another week of simple meals that are gluten free, dairy free and sugar free :D The recipes will have options, if you want to include burger buns for your burgers then go for it, if you want cheese sprinkled over your stuff potatoes, then do it! My meal plans and recipes that I provide you with are guides, use them how you please :) 

And I may have gone a bit over board with bacon this week!  

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2nd - 9th November 2015 Meal Plan

Salmon... there is salmon on the meal plan! First time this year... I was craving salmon, and it happened to be on special at the supermarket, so why not enjoy it! I feel like these meals look labour intensive but I have checked the recipes (and two are my own), and they will be simple!
Have a great week... 

Recipes are below - if you are wondering "where?" - check the 'read more' button to the left of this post. I hope you enjoy your meals x.

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