Meal Plan 13th - 19th July 2015

Oh emmmm geeeeeee I am quite excited for this week's meal plan!! Beef Wellington -  what the! How lucky are we!! We were gifted a large piece of eye fillet ages ago, and forgot about it... so this week we are going to use it - maybe we should be keeping it for a special occasion, as its such an delicious (and expensive) piece of meat, but that's OK! Me and my partner use to watch Hells Kitchen, where one of their signature dishes is beef wellingtons, so we have both always wanted to try it! Wish me luck, I'm not quite at Gordon Ramsay's level ... yet ;) 
There are two recipes this week from the paleo grubs website, I highly recommend this website, the recipes look amazing!! And from my lovely friend Jamie Oliver; his baked white fish recipe is mouth watering!! And I am yet to try this chilli con veggie, but the reviews said it was great, so I think we are in for a treat! 

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Beef wellington, with mashed potatoes and green salad

I found Gordon Ramsay's beef wellington recipe, but it is in video format

Served with:

Baked potatoes
This recipe of Chelsea Winter's is soooo good!!! I highly highly recommend you try it!

Green salad
I found this simple salad that sounds amazing!

Baked white fish
(Click on the title for the link to the recipe)  

Eggplant bolognese with zucchini noodles

Balsamic Chicken with Roasted tomatoes

Chilli con veggie

I hope you enjoy this week!!

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