Las Vegas!! 22nd - 28th June 2015

"What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas" right? No way! I need to tell you about the amazing holiday I just returned from!!

Unfortunately before leaving I ran out of time to set you up with a meal plan for the week, I then had a great idea of giving you some of my favourite recipes for you to try if you wished, but then spent way too long deciding what clothes to bring with me! So, nothing eventuated, sorry!

When I first arrived in Vegas, it was HOT, as in 40+ degrees HOT! I was struggling when not in the air conditioning, however by day three I was loving it, and found that when I was in air conditioning I was tooo cold. I am now sitting here in thermals trying to climatise back to New Zealand winter/reality!!

It was not hard to eat healthy, I thought, I was going to struggle, but there are healthy options everywhere! Yes the serving sizes are huge, I wish I had taken a photo of the omelette I got one morning, there would have been at least 5 eggs in it! Crazzzzzy! We didn't really have desserts or treats; would usually have two meals a day, as by the time we got up and were ready it was really passed lunch time, so was a very late breaky/lunch and then dinner would be around 8 or 9pm. I may have eaten healthy, but I don't to think about all the alcohol I consumed. A lot of the time I was drinking vodka with soda water and lime, however I did have one night that is was cranberry juice and vodka - "the UTI drink", as one of my friends I made was calling it, haha!

Exercising... didn't quite eventuate... However, I think dancing for a least 5 hours most nights counts as pretty dam good exercise, and my heels weren't short either, so most mornings (or should I say afternoons) I woke up with sore legs, and I am sure they have gotten more toned, I will take it anyway!!

Here is some of the food I enjoyed:

Lettuce wrap taco's with chicken 
I loved these chicken taco's wrapped in lettuce leaves, so simple, yet oh so delicious, they have inspired me to make something for this coming week.

I somehow managed to wrangle my way into free breakfast or lunch at a place called the 'Buffet' for two; so had two fabulous meals there:

Plate full of sushi, salsa, grapes, meat, roasted veggies & salad

Salads! with bacon sprinkled on top - why not!! 

In short, it was one of the best weeks of my life, I only knew a few people that were going to this wedding, as it was a destination wedding, and most of our friends couldn't make it due to babies, house buying, wedding saving etc! But the people I met were incredibly nice and fun, the food was delicious, the hotel was outrageous, the weather was fantastic, the wedding was beautiful, the nights were long, the days were short, and its over already! It is back to reality of house cleaning, washing, meal planning, grocery shopping etc etc etc; I wish I had a button that said "room service", so the beds were made, and everything packed up nicely! Oh how the other half live ay ;)

Shara & I outside "New York New York" in Vegas

Soooo this week's meal plan is on it's way! Bear with me, while I recover and catch up with the usual daily life events x 

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